Tony Giorgio

The man, the myth, the legend.

I've been a software engineer in the bitcoin space since around 2017. I mostly work on Lightning related projects now with a passion on the intersection between Lightning and privacy.

I'm currently employed by Voltage where I spend half my time on new R&D projects for them and half my time working with my friends on our own Lightning wallet called Mutiny.

This Blog

I plan on using this space to write smaller / personal pieces more, as well as anything unique and interesting I may want to express in the bitcoin space. I also like experimenting with tech and may use this blog to do some unique things in the future.

I do not have any typical social media so I'm finding it important to write more and express my ideas. The only other place I really chat with people online is in my own matrix group chat and on Stacker.News (ref link).

If you feel comfortable signing up below, that would really help me guage interest. I self host this blog and do not use any third party email services besides a direct Protonmail SMTP integration. Otherwise, check out the rss feed.