Photograph of Tony Giorgio

Tony Giorgio: actor, magician and gambling expert; he has appeared in more than 100 feature films and television shows. He was also the technical advisor on magic and gambling for Mission Impossible. View his filmography (not complete).

One of his notable performances was as Bruno Tattaglia, in The Godfather.

Tony Giorgio is one of the world’s foremost card manipulators. He has written on the subject in the magician's magazine, "Genii". Since 1991 Tony also lectures and writes about con games and gambler's subterfuges.

He has produced and offers for sale several DVDs including a visual treatise on the art of handmucking (holding out) The 2 hour expose which has received international acclaim, is entitled “The Ultimate Work.” The work demonstrates in detail the magicians’ palm and the applicability of the gamblers’ palm and methodology to the art of card magic. Additionally and most recently, Tony has published a pamphlet entitled, “Tossing Broads”. Tossing Broads is a copy of Tony’s lecture notes originally entitled “Reminiscences and Magic”. Nowhere in the literature of magic is “Three Card Monte”--known as “Tossing Broads” in the demi-monde of the America grifter, been accurately described. Actually, there’s no game called “Three Card Monte”; it’s a total swindle, a con game designed to separate larcenous marks from their money.